Colorado’s Premier Power Flow Exhaust System Dealer

Front Range Aircraft Maintenance is now a proud dealer and installation facility of the Power Flow exhaust system. Power Flow is a bolt-on solution that improves power and efficiency in your general aviation aircraft. You can now improve your aircraft performance with the Power Flow exhaust system instead of the typical stock unit exhaust. Best of all, if you don’t agree, there’s a money-back guarantee!

What is a Power Flow Exhaust System?

The Power Flow exhaust system is a versatile, high quality constructed, complete replacement of the entire exhaust system for your Cessna 172 or other general aviation aircraft. It uses the engineering of pressure pulses and exhaust gas flow to give your airplane better efficiency and greater power potential. The carefully engineered exhaust pipes and collectors reduce power-robbing back pressure and use the pressure waves within the exhaust system to increase the volumetric efficiency of the combustion chamber. The result is a quieter exhaust, increased power for any given fuel flow, and a potentially higher maximum power.

How does a Power Flow Exhaust System Work?

Aircraft exhaust systems cause exhaust gases from each cylinder to travel unequal distances before being dumped overboard. This occurs simply because the exhaust system, as designed, has different length pipe from the engine to exhaust. When you improve the engine’s ability to breathe, you’ll improve performance without altering anything else. Power Flow’s header pipes from each cylinder are of equal length, so when the negative pressure following one cylinder’s power stroke occurs, the lower pressure helps extract the exhaust from the next cylinder. Power Flow’s fuel-savings claim comes from being able to cruise at the same speed as before the conversion, using less throttle and therefore less power.

Installing a Power Flow exhaust is similar to installing a bigger engine but at a fraction of the cost, with faster installation and without the increased fuel burn. All exhausts have a 60 day, money back guarantee and are warrantied for 1 year or 500 tach hours, whichever occurs first. You will immediately notice an increase in RPM (30-130 more) as well as a significant improvement in rate of climb (125-300 fpm). You simply use less throttle to go the same speeds, resulting in saving up to 2.2 gallons of fuel per hour. For more power, use the extra RPM. For fuel savings, throttle back and fly your pre Power Flow exhaust airspeeds.